Saturday, 10 January 2009

Skank - Calm Down

I gotta post this and support my boys!

Shout out to Fr3e and my boy Erron for showing me about their new tune and dance...It's gonna be big! With 10,000 views already on YouTube this is definately one for the clubs...!

Oh and apologies to Shaun, Ven and Erron that I didn't make it down to the dance rehearsal...I errr broke my foot??? lol

Check out the MP3 here

I Feel

I've been working on the I Feel Experience project in conjuction with Be 360 Design...

Check out my articles and profile on the site and leave your comments...

Stop My Pen


Check out this track off Wretch's album...It's BIG - It helped me through this week...

This guy is the most UNDERATED artist in the UK game at the moment...I hope he blows up this year....!

Times Have Changed

Yessssir I'm back...

It's been a couple days since I've blogged and I've had a lot going on.
Sometimes things happen in your life that you can't explain and when it first happens you think it's a curse but then as the days progress you see that in actual fact it's a blessing in disguise...

I've had some free time on my hands so I ducked out to Brighton this weekend and had the most amazing time. I won't go into it but I had time to reflect, laugh and put things into perspective.

This week has been a difficult one for me with a lot of stuff going on but my girl has been there for me and I gotta thank her for that...She knows who she is and the funny thing is when I first met her I hated her! We couldn't stand each other and now I couldn't ask for anyone else!!!

Anyways I'm over and out...!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Harvey, Romeo & Ashley Walters

Bashy - I See People

This has got to be my favourite tune at the moment...I saw Bash sing it a couple weeks ago live and I got to say, the man's got talent!

Shout out to Bash, keep it up!