Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I hadn't blogged in a while as I've been mad busy this week arranging and organising the Ladies Special @ The Sunday Show (more information on that soon) but I checked my emails this morning and had an email from a good friend of mine that works stateside.

She's just started working at a music label and is finding it hard to focus on her goals as so many people around her are trying to bring her down and do not want to see her suceed. She feels its not a personal vendetta but more of a status vendetaa i.e because of her position within the company, certain people want to see her fail.

Someone can be so nice to you but then behind your back they're your biggest enemy. The age old saying "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me", springs to mind but at the same time it's a tough position to be in.

I emailed her back and simply said:
"Never come down off of your chariot for those that are throwing tomatoes."

Nuff said.

Miss Lyfe

Monday, 27 October 2008

Some More Of JME's Tour....

The last show of JME's Uk Tour is on Thursday 30th October in Leceister, we managed to catch the first show on October 10th in London, which you can read about here.

If you want a regular update on how it went, his lil sis Julie, has been keeping a diary on her personal BLOG.

BUT here are some more pics and a video of what went down....

DJ Maximum on the decks

Miss Loves and Producer Sinden who was a supporting act at the show alongside the Count, featuring Ny, Mz Bratt and Ears MC - They are now doing a massive tour themselves so check out the myspace to see where they will be!

Myself and Ears MC

Myself,Mz Bratt and Ears after their performance.

And finally we have some footage of what went down!

First up - JME performing Deadout:

And here is the last bit where everyone joined him on stage and Ghetto did his "Global Warming" performance and egged on Skepta to join him:

Its Sing 4 Me Season

You know Ghetto has a HIT song out right now called "Sing For Me"?

Here's the vid, if you don't:

Well Shystie has made her own version, from a female perspective.

Check it out here and let us know what you think...

Monday, 20 October 2008

Giggs "Talkin' The Hardest" Bags Him A B.E.T Award

Giggs has successfully bagged himself a BET UK Hip Hop Award at the 2008 show.

I don't know if you all agree with this, but lets face it most of the nominees were Grime acts. Personally I would have given it to Chipmunk because I think out of those known as Grime emcees in the category he would be one of the better spitters over a Hip Hop beat and I also think he has been doing A Lot this year and would take the award futher, but hey, you guys voted.

Props to Giggs though because he is still doin his thing and has a lot of supporters out there so Big Up to him for winning.

Hopefully next year we will have a few more Hip Hop artists in the categories to choose from.

Here are the runner ups:






Wretch 32 - Be Cool Video

You know we always support Wretch over here at 3LM - Check out his new video to "Be Cool" featuring Wizzy Wow. Also be sure to go cop his album "Wretchrospective" Out now in all the usual places!

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Is A "Respectable Freak" What All Men Want?

How many times in a hip hop tune have you heard a lyric about having a "Lady in the Streets but a Freak in the Streets"? I've heard it in numerous songs and I've always wondered whether this is what men really want because trust me ladies, some men are insecure too. So when you bust out all your best moves there are some guys who can't help but think - Is this exclusive to me? Was she doing this with her ex?

So men I want to hear you break down whether you really want a woman who acts reserved in public but is wildin' out in the bedroom.

Here's what T.I wants:

Kanye West - Coldest Winter

WOW!! What is going through the mind of one of the worlds greatest hip hop artists? He recently said he wants to be remembered as a "great artist" not just a great hip hip artists. Judging by his new singles he is singing through the pain of the loss of his mum, but producing som great radio songs. LoveLockdown is more R'n'B and could satisfy his true hip hop fans, but this (Coldest winter) is very Coldplay inspired. I personally think LoveLockdown will be a intro to the album and coldest winter will be the outro.

What do you think?

Music is exciting again!

Coldplay Feat Jay-Z - Lost

Kanye West almost fell out with Jay-Z for putting him on the Kingdom Come album, but Jay shows the strength of the friendship by returning the favour on this offering. It's actually a good radio song.

Tell me what you think!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Jay Sean signs to Cash Money - Big News


UK R&B artist Jay Sean has signed with Cash Money Records.

At this year's MOBO's (which I attended), Jay got the news before he hit the stage that Cash Money Records have signed him. The British artist also revealed that he was in the studio with Wayne last week.

If you arent aware of Jay Sean, he's a British Asian and grew
up in the same town as me in London. He recently released his awesome album ‘My Own Way'.

It features the smash singles ‘Ride It' and ‘Maybe'.

In the past he has worked with Timberland and has Diddy has one of his famous fans.

I interviewed Jay months ago and Im extremely proud to see a UK R&B artist get his shine.

Here is one of his songs

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Productivity = Positivity

I had the most productive day today & I haven't had one of those in a while...

..Still got this cold from hell...Have infected my older sis aswell & she is not a happy bunny...

So I managed to drag myself out of bed and meet the girls (Miss Smith & Miss Lee)from 'The Sunday Show' team to have a meeting about Ladies Night @ The Sunday Show on 2nd November. I'll give you more info about that soon.
...We couldn't concentrate without food & drink so we passed through TGI's and had couple cocktails...

Next stop was Russell Square to go to a casting that had been cancelled, that NO ONE thought to tell us...

Bad mind tactics...

The Oyster Card is my best friend...When it's got money on it...


Got on a 25 after a quick stop off at M-A-C in Selfridges. Got off by Brick Lane and went to support Wretch 32 perform a couple tracks off his album and some of the UKs finest undiscovered talent at 93 Feet East.

Leanne Robinson - You smashed it. So much talent, you blew us away with your version of Keyshia Cole's 'I Remember'. You done know we want you at The Sunday Show.

Natalie - Your edgy quirky black version of Lily Allen type look went well with your Funky House track.

Wretch - As per usual you DONE THE FUCK!N DANCE bruv. Nuff said.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


So my girl Jazmine Sullivan repped for the ladies out there who have ever been cheated on and gave them an anthem 'Buss Your Windows'...

I wouldn't recommend it girls...

Buss his clart instead...

Or jus keep it moving...his loss...

Anyway here's the video...

Then when I thought not even a remix could make the track any hotter...

Trey Songz came with his version...'Bust My Windows'

Monday, 13 October 2008

I Hate Raving - Adulthood Special

Nothing long...

My Hate Raving Famo presents the Sunday Show...

This Sunday....

Adulthood Special...Be There innit...!

7pm, Clerkenwell House, Hatton Wall, London, EC1N 1JJ


So I should be reviewing Wretch's album today but due to distribution problems I couldn't get my copy at HMV.

I spoke with my boy over at Alwayz Recordings today and he said they're not sure when another set is gonna be sent out so if you haven't copped yours yet, try ordering online.

In the meantime check out Spanking New on MTV Base for Wretch's new video Be Cool.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

JME's Serious!

Last night grime fans flocked to London Astoria to see Jamie Adenuga better known as JME perform tracks from his forthcoming album Famous. Although two hours before I was laid up on my death bed with a cold from hell, I popped three flu tablets with a red bull and made my way down to Astoria also to see if JME is really as famous as his album says he is.

Before I even stepped in the venue I spied Decipher Records artist Sway and his Street Team who were out to support the Boy Better Know family. After a quick hello (didn't want to pass the hell cold on) I ventured inside and was a bugged to find that because I was running late, my girl Ny, Mz. Bratz and Ears were already on stage getting the crowd hype.

After about twenty minutes I heard a familiar bassline and JME burst on stage dressed as a headmaster and spitting lyrics from the song 'Boy Better Know', he was then joined on stage by hypeman Shorty, who kept with the school theme by performing with a rucksack on his back. Personal opinion, if the guys in school could spit lyrics like this when I was younger I probably might've enjoyed my Music lessons more.

Now if your a true JME fan then you'll know he loves off his biscuits. So much so he decided to share his favourite ones with his fans and him and Shorty started throwing pots of Choco Dips into the screaming crowd and Jammy Dodgers. A girl like me was kinda hungry by this point but there was no way I was attempting to venture downstairs to get one cos the way the crowd were grabbing for the food, I thought it was feeding time in a Zoo.

It clearly was a family affair that night as not only did I spot JME's mum in VIP (who is lovely by the way) but he was next joined on stage by his sister Julie and they performed 'Show' and 'Famous'. Julie performed effortlessly and you could see that Mummy Adenuga was proud to be watching as I could see her singing away, word for word.

As if giving out free biscuits wasn't enough, next up was t-shirts and posters. The crowd again went wild and it had me thinking if maybe if some of these fans weren't used to getting presents as it clearly was a new thing for them.

JME then went on to perform a few more tracks, stopping in between 'Beep Beep' and 'P's' to shout out a fan on her 18th Birthday. He finished with 'Serious' but then decided that he'd finish off the show on a bigger scale by coming back on stage with his brother Skepta, Ghetto and Jammers. Ghetto in typical fashion spat bars with so much energy he could've started global warming by himself and even dropped the now infamous ghetto skank.

My opinion: JME the title for album fits perfectly, you are Famous!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

New Dance craze

Busta Rhymes new song WILL definately be a smash in the clubs with his new Arab money dance!! LOL

This is definately gonna be the anthem at "I Hate Raving" on sunday.

P.S. Look out for how much Tim Westwood is off beat!! LOL

Forget about Violence, I'd rather be cool - Wretchrospective

Couple weeks ago Wretch and the rest of the Alwayz Recording family were in my bits (South London) filming the music video for the first single, Be Cool off his new album. Obviously I had to pass down and support the UK Music Scene and it seemed a lot of artists had the same idea. I bumped into Ghetts, Chipmunk, Ace & Vis, Bashy & Scorcher to name a few, and had a very interesting conversation with Scorcher on girls in music videos and life in general.

Now I first saw Wretch perform a couple years ago in Brick Lane at an event my boy Zeon organised and he perfomed 'Punctuation' and from then he's never failed to let me down with his lyrics or beats. Be Cool lives up to Wretch's high standards and his lyrical genius and catchy hooks are what makes him one of my favourite grime artists today.

The album's been pushed back a week due to distribution problems but that hasn't stopped the buzz on the streets and trust me, next week I will be at HMV in my headscarf and pyjamas at 9:00am to buy it.

I can't wait for the video to drop either. Need to see if I passed as one of the 'man dem' and made the final cut...!

Wretchrospective out Monday 13th October - BUY IT!

Wiley's album out on Oct 27th

Despite rumours of a label rift, Wiley is sheduled to drop his new album on October 27th called 'I See Clear' collaborating with the likes of Mark Ronson, Lily Allen and Hot Chip to name a few.

Wearing my rolex is still in the top 30 after 13 weeks in the charts. Here is a little reminder.

JME Better Know

...So me and the Love Life famo are rolling to JME's Famous Concert tomorrow in London.

I'm looking foward to it and having been to Kano's concert last week I'm hoping JME's will be on the same levels.

Watch this space for the review...

Alesha Dixon - The Boy Does Nothing Release Date: November 10th

New warner/Asylum artist Alesha Dixon first single is out November 10th - Take a peek at the video exclusive.

Alesha Dixon - The Boy Does Nothing Release Date: November 3rd (digital) November 10 (physical)

Craig David - Insomnia, Job Centre Plus?

Craig David is back with a new Greatest Hits Album and a new single entitled Insomnia. Now I used to be one of Craig's biggest fans back in the day but I have to admit I'm not really feeling his new tune. Check it out and tell me whether you think it's a banger or whether old Craigy Boy should be finding himself down Job Centre Plus?

Craig David's Greatest Hits Album and new single 'Insomnia' releases in the UK on November 17th.

Sway Album Launch - MADNESS!!!!

Having just about recovered from Kano's Album Launch, the next stop was Sway's and I'm realising that this week seems to be a busy week for music industry folk and all these album's dropping. Anyway netherless it was off to buy an outfit for another big night at Embassy to support Sway.

As I drove up to the club at just gone 9pm the queue was SERIOUS. By the time I parked up and walked down to the club the queue was even more SERIOUS. I stood there assessing the situation with my bare legs starting to go ashy from the cold, and wondering do I queue, do I blag or do I go home. The first decision was to queue. Hmmmm I don't do queueing so this was a first for me. I gave up queueing when I saw my boys Ace & Vis trying to get in down the front. I thought booooooi if they're on a mad one how am I getting in? I spied Wretch and the Alwayz family also trying to get in and after a quick hello and a moan about the queue I thought this is long I'm going home. By the time I got back to the car I got a phonecall saying come back you can get in. So we turned around and walked back. By this point I was vex and cold and I was in desperate need of some cocoa butter. OK for those of you who used to go Ministry back in the day and know what the queue for that is like...this was NOTHIN like it, it was worse. The way it looked was like the bouncers were giving away free chicken the amount of black people I saw crowding around! After about an hour (maybe less, when your freezing you lose track of time) we decided it's definately time to go home!

I touched back down in South London, dropped my girls home and then got ANOTHER phonecall from my cousin asking me to come and get her from Embassy...so I made my way BACK to West End and there was STILL a mad queue at 1am! I walked to the front, got recognised by one of the clubs owners and in I went (I knew my excessive West End raving days from a few years ago would pay off one day!).

I'd missed Sway's performance but heard that it was good and Lemar had the women screaming their lungs out. I was pissed I'd missed the performances but judging by the high everyone in there was on I can guess he gave a good one.

Everyone was skanking it out and the DJ was dropping some good tunes. Funky and Old School Garage while I was there and based on that I'd say it was a good one.

I caught up with Chenade (the model from Saturday Night Hustle), Nicholle, Manny Norte, Wretch, Chipmunk, my boys C1 & Wes from Northstar, Ace&Vis, Bashy and quite a few others were in attendance to support Sway's new album.

The drinks were flowing and everyone enjoyed themselves, although one tip for next time, please hold it somewhere bigger and with better air con cos my relaxer was over sweating out.


140 Grime Street - Music History?

So there I am on my way to my meeting with Mr. Harrison and the familiar Hustler song blares out of the Blackberry (or rather in my case Crackberry). "Rina, you reaching Kano...?"
Hmmmm with all the dramas in my world over the previous four weeks I had totally forgotten about Kano's Album Launch and hadn't received any tickets (I'll take that up with Rwd Mag later) or questioned where mine where.

Now I'm never really one to blag a freeness (yeh right) or tickets (lol) but I made a few phonecalls and my suspicions were confirmed, this was gonna be harder than I'd anticipated to attend one of the most talked about events in the music industry.

Just a few bars short of giving up hope a lifeline was thrown to me via Mr.Harrison by Twin 'Alex' B. So here we have it..I'm off to watch Kano, Wiley, Skepta, Ghetto & Tinchy Stryder all grace the same stage at The IndigO2 and in my opionion make music history.

Arriving at The O2, you could tell that the event by Rwd and Addidas was going to be big, I kept it real hood (Credit Crunch and all) in jeans and pumps and most of you know I can't leave the house if the levels ain't right, but on this occasion I was outdone by far by revellers in their boxfresh Addidas trainers and could tell certain peeps had been popping tags prior to leaving the house.

I gotta shout out my boy, Kiss 100's Manny Norte and his sidekick for the night Shortee Blitz, who laid down some SERIOUS tunes inside the arena alongside Logan. I felt like I was 15 again at a Ben & Jerry's all dayer. Old School Garage mixed with Hip Hop, Grime, RnB it couldn't get any better...or so I thought.

By the time me and Harrison got our bearings and sat down upstairs (not sure if it was VIP or not??!!!) The Thirst were half way threw their performance. I've never actually seen these guys perform or heard their material but based on their lyrical content and performance on the night, they've just earned themselves a new fan.

Next on stage was the Peridot Dancers and although some of them looked quite young I would be more than happy than to be labelled a cradle snatcher(No paedo!) as the dance moves they were laying down on the stage was nothing short of COLD. They went at it hard and it they performed so effortlessly it was like they could do it in their sleep.

At this point everyone was on a high and the energy in the arena was flowing and what happened next had me asking Harrison 'Why? Nah seriously bruv Why?' Next on stage as Manny put it was the East London's version of Lil Kim and Foxy Brown. Personally I think they were on something as they literally were some any random chicks that thought they could MC and we should've guessed they couldn't when the Lil Kim looking one dressed in heels and a t-shirt, streched to make a dress came tottering on stage. Netherless the Foxy Brown looking one laid down shall we say some bars which made me think if this is MC'ing I'm Beyonce. After Shortee grabbed the mic and kicked them offstage there were a couple more wannabe MC's who were clearly were not from South London as they would never embaress me like that. Netherless it was the funniest sh!t i'd seen that night and I'm still laughing from the flashbacks.

Just as I was regaining composure from the MC'ing Tinchy burst on stage with his hype man Fuda Guy and had everyone singing the lyrics to Stryderman. Showing what swagger really is, Tinchy was dressed in a Star in the Hood t-shirt and had the girls screaming for a free Tee. He hyped the crowd so much I was tempted to do a back flip off the balcony onto the stage just to get a free one.

As the lights dimmed and the lights flashed (good thing I wasn't epileptic) we knew the East Londoner was about to take centre stage. Kano took the stage and made every second worth watching as he performed tracks of his album 140 Grime Street. As I heard the intro to 'Hunting We Will Go' I knew Ghetts was gonna jump on stage at any point. In true Ghetts style, the bars were on point and the performance was energetic and at one point made me a bit dizzy, I couldn't keep up!
After Ghetto left the stage, up next was Skepta. Skepta went at it hard with Kano with the track 'These MC's', again the two artists tore up the stage, although I couldn't help not really listening to the track as Skepta was dressed in a dressing gown and socks and I was too busy wondering what he had on underneath!

I couldn't even catch my breath before Wiley joined Kano on stage and they performed 'Anywhere We Go'. He then peformed some of his earlier tracks such as 'This is the girl', and had the ladies screaming and certain man cosying up to the girls, hoping to get digits after.

The concert ended with Wiley, Ghetto, & Skepta all joining Kano on stage and each performing one of their own tracks. The highlight for me was watching over the balcony as Ghetto lunged himself into the crowd while performing 'Sing For Me', any rockstar behaviour!

There was a lot of grime artists all under one roof whether watching or performing as I spied my girl Ny, looking fresh to death as ever & Chipmunk and Wretch 32 from Alwayz Recording.

The night was a success and hopefully in the future we can have more events like this.

Junior Spesh?

Maybe the greatest tune of the year??? You decide...!

I'm in tears after watching this...Not real music, but definately the funniest song of THE YEAR!!!