Monday, 20 October 2008

Giggs "Talkin' The Hardest" Bags Him A B.E.T Award

Giggs has successfully bagged himself a BET UK Hip Hop Award at the 2008 show.

I don't know if you all agree with this, but lets face it most of the nominees were Grime acts. Personally I would have given it to Chipmunk because I think out of those known as Grime emcees in the category he would be one of the better spitters over a Hip Hop beat and I also think he has been doing A Lot this year and would take the award futher, but hey, you guys voted.

Props to Giggs though because he is still doin his thing and has a lot of supporters out there so Big Up to him for winning.

Hopefully next year we will have a few more Hip Hop artists in the categories to choose from.

Here are the runner ups:






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Young Free Dizzle said...

Giggs is absolutely amazing...well done to him. For someone that the UK Music Industry as a whole refuses to recognise he's making some seriously big movements off his own back with the strong camp around him that are very talented (BUCK, KYZE, GUNNA D). Maybe now all those radio stations who refuse to play his music or acknowledge his existence will stand up and take note. He is talking the HARDEST and he's here to stay like it or not. Well down Giggs only way on from now is UP!!!