Saturday, 11 October 2008

JME's Serious!

Last night grime fans flocked to London Astoria to see Jamie Adenuga better known as JME perform tracks from his forthcoming album Famous. Although two hours before I was laid up on my death bed with a cold from hell, I popped three flu tablets with a red bull and made my way down to Astoria also to see if JME is really as famous as his album says he is.

Before I even stepped in the venue I spied Decipher Records artist Sway and his Street Team who were out to support the Boy Better Know family. After a quick hello (didn't want to pass the hell cold on) I ventured inside and was a bugged to find that because I was running late, my girl Ny, Mz. Bratz and Ears were already on stage getting the crowd hype.

After about twenty minutes I heard a familiar bassline and JME burst on stage dressed as a headmaster and spitting lyrics from the song 'Boy Better Know', he was then joined on stage by hypeman Shorty, who kept with the school theme by performing with a rucksack on his back. Personal opinion, if the guys in school could spit lyrics like this when I was younger I probably might've enjoyed my Music lessons more.

Now if your a true JME fan then you'll know he loves off his biscuits. So much so he decided to share his favourite ones with his fans and him and Shorty started throwing pots of Choco Dips into the screaming crowd and Jammy Dodgers. A girl like me was kinda hungry by this point but there was no way I was attempting to venture downstairs to get one cos the way the crowd were grabbing for the food, I thought it was feeding time in a Zoo.

It clearly was a family affair that night as not only did I spot JME's mum in VIP (who is lovely by the way) but he was next joined on stage by his sister Julie and they performed 'Show' and 'Famous'. Julie performed effortlessly and you could see that Mummy Adenuga was proud to be watching as I could see her singing away, word for word.

As if giving out free biscuits wasn't enough, next up was t-shirts and posters. The crowd again went wild and it had me thinking if maybe if some of these fans weren't used to getting presents as it clearly was a new thing for them.

JME then went on to perform a few more tracks, stopping in between 'Beep Beep' and 'P's' to shout out a fan on her 18th Birthday. He finished with 'Serious' but then decided that he'd finish off the show on a bigger scale by coming back on stage with his brother Skepta, Ghetto and Jammers. Ghetto in typical fashion spat bars with so much energy he could've started global warming by himself and even dropped the now infamous ghetto skank.

My opinion: JME the title for album fits perfectly, you are Famous!


jack said...

There was nuff man shooting videos at the front do you know how to get any of their videos ?

M.I.T.S // Little Adenugzz said...

"Ghetto in typical fashion spat bars with so much energy he could've started global warming by himself!"


Glad you enjoyed the show