Thursday, 9 October 2008

Sway Album Launch - MADNESS!!!!

Having just about recovered from Kano's Album Launch, the next stop was Sway's and I'm realising that this week seems to be a busy week for music industry folk and all these album's dropping. Anyway netherless it was off to buy an outfit for another big night at Embassy to support Sway.

As I drove up to the club at just gone 9pm the queue was SERIOUS. By the time I parked up and walked down to the club the queue was even more SERIOUS. I stood there assessing the situation with my bare legs starting to go ashy from the cold, and wondering do I queue, do I blag or do I go home. The first decision was to queue. Hmmmm I don't do queueing so this was a first for me. I gave up queueing when I saw my boys Ace & Vis trying to get in down the front. I thought booooooi if they're on a mad one how am I getting in? I spied Wretch and the Alwayz family also trying to get in and after a quick hello and a moan about the queue I thought this is long I'm going home. By the time I got back to the car I got a phonecall saying come back you can get in. So we turned around and walked back. By this point I was vex and cold and I was in desperate need of some cocoa butter. OK for those of you who used to go Ministry back in the day and know what the queue for that is like...this was NOTHIN like it, it was worse. The way it looked was like the bouncers were giving away free chicken the amount of black people I saw crowding around! After about an hour (maybe less, when your freezing you lose track of time) we decided it's definately time to go home!

I touched back down in South London, dropped my girls home and then got ANOTHER phonecall from my cousin asking me to come and get her from I made my way BACK to West End and there was STILL a mad queue at 1am! I walked to the front, got recognised by one of the clubs owners and in I went (I knew my excessive West End raving days from a few years ago would pay off one day!).

I'd missed Sway's performance but heard that it was good and Lemar had the women screaming their lungs out. I was pissed I'd missed the performances but judging by the high everyone in there was on I can guess he gave a good one.

Everyone was skanking it out and the DJ was dropping some good tunes. Funky and Old School Garage while I was there and based on that I'd say it was a good one.

I caught up with Chenade (the model from Saturday Night Hustle), Nicholle, Manny Norte, Wretch, Chipmunk, my boys C1 & Wes from Northstar, Ace&Vis, Bashy and quite a few others were in attendance to support Sway's new album.

The drinks were flowing and everyone enjoyed themselves, although one tip for next time, please hold it somewhere bigger and with better air con cos my relaxer was over sweating out.


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